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Restorative Justice

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE practices is a different approach to addressing  misconduct and our response to the behavior. In the Los Angeles Unified School District, we refer to the victim as the "harmed" and the offender as the harmer." Restorative Justice requires harmers to take personal responsibility for their actions and the harm they have caused. The harmer, the harmed, and their respective supporters collectively decide how to repair the harm and to prevent it from happening again. 
Ranchito Avenue elementary staff is committed in implementing Restorative Justice as a philosophy and an approach to discipline that moves away from punishment toward restoring a sense of harmony and well-being for all those affected by a harmful act. It provides families, schools, and communities a way to ensure accountability while at the same time breaking the cycle of retribution and violence.
Leadership staff received 16 hours of training and teachers had the opportunity to participate in Restorative Justice activities so that they can be implemented  in their classrooms in the future.