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SSPT meetings are scheduled to support students that are going through challenging situations at home or at school. SSPTs also support students that might have focusing, impulsivity, peer relation issues, separation anxiety, anger issues, trauma, etc.
This team is composed of the principal, Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW), teacher, parent and support staff will meet to review teacher concerns, parent concerns, family history, classroom modifications. The team will brainstorm support strategies and next steps to modify behavior i.e., develop a behavior plan, counseling recommendation, classroom strategies, home plan, etc. Follow up meetings are scheduled when necessary and if counseling referral are made there needs to be a follow-up with agency.
The SSPT also works to meet the needs of students that are having academic issues.
The SSPT works with possible learning problems, auditory/visual processing issues, immaturity, health issues, attendance problems, need for intervention support, need of home support etc.
This team is composed of the Principal, Assistant Principal Special Education (APEIS), Teacher, Intervention Coordinator, Psychologist, Nurse, itinerant support staff if needed. At the meeting, the team will brainstorm teacher and parent concerns, classroom modifications, interventions, data, family history, etc. The team will make recommendations such as: out of classroom intervention support, Scoot Pad intervention at home, referral to pediatrician, optometrist, audiometric testing, speech screening, psychologist observation, referral to outside agencies, etc. A follow up meeting will be made after a few months to review progress for a possible referral for a learning assessment.
Teacher initiated
Intervention coordinator recommendation
Parent request
APEIS request