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5th Grade » Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

The fifth grade School for Advanced Studies (SAS) class combines Common Core Standards with Gifted and Talented (GATE) standards for our gifted and high-achieving learners. There is an emphasis on project-based learning and collaborative groups, which allows for a high-level, integrated curriculum. A wide variety of gifted teaching strategies are utilized, along with the use of technology in the classroom. Every student has access to a laptop computer, and learns to be a responsible digital citizen. All of this enables differentiation in our core subjects, which are taught with depth, complexity, novelty, and acceleration.
In our SAS class, Language Arts is often integrated with other content areas, including Social Studies and Science, and is taught using core literature. Students read a wide range of literature from different times and cultures, in many genres, as well as informational text on grade-level topics. By the end of fifth grade, students are expected to be fluent, independent readers with accuracy that supports their comprehension. They learn academic language and vocabulary and use it in their writing and speaking. Reading and “reader response” writing is assigned every night as part of the homework, and writing is integrated in all of our core subjects, including math.
Our fifth-grade math emphasis is on applying knowledge and understanding of number and operations in base ten, including using the four math operations with decimals and fractions, algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. Students often work in collaborative groups in math to apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems.
Our Science program builds on knowledge gained in earlier grades. It includes teaching of science content and concepts, (Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science) and also integrates this subject matter into other core subjects.
Our visual and performing arts program gives our students another opportunity to express their developing sense of who they are, and their varied opinions and feelings. Each year, our students participate in one or more of the arts, including theater, dance, music, and/or visual arts. We also offer an opportunity for our upper grade students to learn to play an instrument and participate in our orchestra program.
Our SAS class includes a Health unit, which focuses on the importance of making healthy food and life choices, physical activity, and avoiding high-risk behaviors. Students develop communication skills, decision-making and goal-setting skills, and refusal techniques, all in preparation for middle school and beyond. In accordance with California State law, our students participate in a minimum of 200 minutes of Physical Education every ten school days. During the fifth grade year, all students participate in the California Fitness Gram, a mandated physical fitness test with the goal of assisting students in establishing lifetime habits of regular physical activity.
5th Grade Mission Statement
Our desire is to create a community of responsible life-long learners by collaborating, communicating as a team and maintaining consistent expectations. We strive to become an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement.
Ranchito Elementary is a place...
• Where a collaborative community develops curriculum, instructional strategies and assessment to ensure all students learn.
• That addresses the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of its learners.
• That prepares all students for college and career achievement through a high-quality career/technical education and college-preparatory academic core.
Our curriculum is driven by clear performance standards for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. For each grade level, standards are based on national and state curriculum frameworks in each subject area.
We believe, through the mastery of these standards, the students at Ranchito Elementary will be fully prepared for continued academic success in middle school and beyond.
Teachers will use regular assessments to measure how well students are mastering the standards. We use knowledge about student skills to shape whole class instruction, small group work, and one-on-one tutoring. Using individual student data, instruction can be targeted to better meet individual student needs.