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2nd -  5th Grade Students
Albert Einstein once said, “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
With this year’s implementation of Chromebooks, we have begun creating grade-level achievement goals that tie closely to the 21st Century competency skills. The 21st century skills have always been critical for students, however, with our ever changing technological information-based world, it has become imperative for students to master these skills before going on and eventually graduating from a university. By the time students matriculate to first through third grade, students are expected to start practicing their typing skills. Students in these grade-levels will also begin publishing original written work with the use of Google Docs. Our second and third graders also begin publishing and submitting work through Goggle Classroom. Many of our third-graders also begin producing PowerPoint and Slides presentation/work. By the time students enter fourth and fifth grade, they are expected to begin honing in on their typing skills. Many of our fourth and fifth graders should be equipped with the knowledge of creating and submitting work through Google Classroom as well as other online publishing programs. Students in these grader-levels will also begin producing PowerPoint and Slides presentation/work. Our expectations for our fourth graders is to begin producing multi-media work. By the time students matriculate to fifth grade, they know the full use of Google Docs from producing brochures to graphic organizers.
Zearn Along with the implementation of Chromebooks, we have also implemented online educational programs that we have found supportive to student learning. One math program that many Ranchito teachers are using is Zearn.org. Zearn is a supplementary online math program that is both aligned to the California Common Core Standards and Engage NY. Zearn has also been especially useful in the area of differentiation. This online math program allows students that have mastered the lesson to move on to Zearn’s digital lessons while students that might need extra support will work in small groups along with the teacher.